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Kimura Escape

Your Starting Position: Lying on back
Opponent's Starting Position: Side Control
Setup: He has you in Kimura from Mount or Side.
Note: this escape will not work against a very strong opponent, especially with the gi on. As with most escapes, it
works best if you escape early in the technique. The deeper he has the submission, the less likely you will get out!
Details: 1. Grab inside the crook of your right knee with your right hand (the hand of the trapped arm)
2. With your left hand, grab the crook of his left forearm/elbow. Pull down into you.
3. Bridge up to get your body as close to your trapped arm as possible.
4. Quickly drop down, turn to the right, and pull your trapped elbow down. This should free you. It may take 2 or 3

Note: this is a defense, not an escape since you are still flat on your back in danger.
Your Ending Position: Lying on back
Sport No-gi only
Skill Level Intermediate
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